Indirect seduction methods are a strategic approach to the art of attraction. Its principles and techniques were first used and developed by priestesses and concubines in order to gain power in society. As time went on, men started using these gambits in order to seduce women into bed. Among the method's most famous seducers were Casanova and the Duke de Richelieu.

Although its principles and rules can be used by anyone, indirect seduction is the ideal method for "beta-types." These are people who are mostly shy, nice, polite and introverted. Beta-types are special because they are often very quickly likable and attractive. They know how to please people, and that can be a powerful weapon in the game of attraction. Playing some indirect game will help them becoming more direct if they want too.

Indirect seduction allows you to use your personal strengths against your target's weak points. This makes building attraction easier, more natural, and more comfortable than most, if not all, dating methods or techniques out there.