You two are great together, in every aspect of your life. It's like you can talk for hours, have great sex and even spend boring time in the same room complaining about work. And then you both realize you want something else that is not easy. How about sharing all those great moments or just the passionate part with another person. So, you are at that point. You talk about it and decide to try it... only to find out that seducing a woman as a couple is f*king difficult. You spend hours and hours looking for a solution and might even start arguing about it. To give up the whole idea in the end.

Well, we can help you out. After years of research we created a seduction system geared towards couples who love the seduction game and are open-minded enough to actually play it. Our workshops start out with a speed course on social dynamics and seduction, followed by actually trying in real life. Be it in the coffee bar, grocery store, dancing hall or even online. You will be able to work on any of your sticking points and interacting in a three-way will be thousand times easier. 

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