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Why does it take so long to have my profile approved?

We value quality over quantity. It is especially important as we are providing service in the niche that is still sensitive. Since we are offering a high quality service, which is much more advanced than in most other dating-portals, we would like to share with you some details about our profile approving system. The order of approving profiles is based not on the time of submitting profile but on the effort you put in preparing it. The higher quality of the profile, the higher you are in the automated “approving queue”. This means, that all submitted profiles... >>

What kind of photos can I add to my profile?

We are kindly asking you to upload pictures of yourself. If you do not want to show your face (or other body parts) widely available programs for editing pictures will enable you to cut and edit your picture in a desired way. Uploading other pictures (landscape etc.) is possible only when used as covers for private albums. Picture of genitals cannot be a profile photo. You are welcome to add this kind of picture to your profile, album or private album, however it cannot be main and/or the only picture of the user. Group photos are only accepted if you have specified who you are. Avoid small photos - the recommended resolution is 450 x 450. When scanning your photo please cut the empty areas around the photo - this way your photo will seem bigger and the file size will be smaller. Celebrity or copyrighted photos are not accepted.

How do we make contact with other people/couples?

The main goal of our community is to bring like minded people together. We have lot's of different ways of getting you in contact with others, from sending messages, contest, to chat and e-cards. We also offer services to guide you through this and even take you out to a club and show you how everything overthere can happen in a very natural and relaxed way.

How many profiles are in the service?

Service we offer is free of charge and the number of users is changing every day. We are actively promoting regions that do not have a lot profiles yet. On the other hand, we are trying to avoid situation where site has 500 000 profiles: 450 000 of them were not visited by the owner for the last 2 years and other 50 000 are fake, don't have pictures and/or any information about the user. Since we are trying to keep standards high, we check last online activity of our members. Only those profiles, which were verified with salute photo and/or validated by admin or another user, will receive access to all profiles. Remember that user can hide his profile from you, from particular type of users (i.e. men) and from particular country and/or region. Profiles that are not used for an extended period of time will receive notification and invitation to visit our service again. In case of no action profile will be removed by the admin.

What is a profile verification system?

Our system of users verification consists of three parts. First of all you can be verified as real by other users. Secondly, you can upload a valid salute photo and last you can be verified by admin through video chat.

Why is the verification important?

Verification is important because it gives other user precious information that your profile is real! They know that behind a verified female profile exists a real woman, behind a verified man profile exists a real man and that profile of verified couple belongs to a couple of declared sexes. Users prefer to contact those profile, which are verified. They are tired of spending hours in front of their computers, chatting, exchanging pictures, making high hopes for their virtual “sweet girl” to discover that on the other site of the “cable”, instead of “sweet girl”, sits some pictures collector or identity thief, for whom it was, at best, a joke. If you ever had this kind of experience, you know what we are talking about. Therefore, the goal of verification system is to confirm that the profile is real and belongs to a representative(s) of a declared gender(s). Profiles which are verified are more reliable and contacted much more often than unverified ones. If you want to make your profile more interesting for other users and get more hits, we suggest you to follow the verification process.

In case of photo verification we use a salute photo system.

How does salute photo system work?

Every registered profile receives a random number which consists of nine digits.

add salute picture




If you want to check your number log in to your account, go to community part and click tab “my account”. On the left side of your screen you will see a window called “PROFILE MANAGEMENT”. In the end of the list you find an option “upload salute photo”. Click the link and you see page where you can upload a salute photo.





upload salute photo

salute exampleAbove “upload picture window” you will see your unique salute id displayed as a number consists of 9 digits (example picture on the left). To create a salute photo we kindly ask you to take a picture of yourself with the number. You can write the number down on paper, on your hand (example picture on the right) or on your body – it is completely up to you. What should be visible on the picture are your face (if you are a couple - faces of both of you) and the number. Remember this picture will not be visible for other members! After taking a photo, upload or send it to your computer. Click “Choose File” button to choose a salute photo from your computer, submit photo by clicking "upload button" and finish whole operation by clicking "save".

Voila! You have just uploaded a salute photo and made your profile more genuine. After we accept your salute photo you will receive a special icon on your profile, which will inform all the users that you were verified!

Who are featured members?

Featured members are members whose profile pictures are displayed in the spotlight on the register and sign in page of service and on other of our sites sites related to service. Underneath photos of featured members, names and types of their profiles are displayed as well as information about age.

Why becoming a featured member?

If you want to get more hits, meet more people and stand up from crowd, you should consider becoming a feature member. When you are a featured member your profile is in the spotlight. Attention of both registered and unregistered users can be caught by your unique photography. Those, who have accounts in our service, can find you easily between all the other users. How? Thanks to your profile name displayed underneath the photo. Those, who do not have an account in our service yet, can decide to create one only to be able to contact you! Status of featured member, not only distinguish you from all the others, but also works as a free advertisement for your profile, your ideas, identity and whatever you want. By becoming a featured member, you are giving yourself a great opportunity to be noticed!

How can I become a featured member?


featured member


To become a featured member, you need to log in to your account. Go to community and click “my account”. On the left side of your screen you will see a window called “PROFILE MANAGEMENT” (check an example picture on the left). At the end of the displayed list you find link “settings”. Click it. On the top of the settings page you will see section “Preferences”. To become a featured member tick the box next to the sentence “Allow my profile to be used as featured member” and clik the red button "save changes" (check an example picture on the right).


Are there any restrictions to become a featured member?

There are three simple conditions to become a featured member.

  1. First of all, since our register/sign in page is publicly accessible picture submitted by a featured member can not be an explicit photo (legal requirements). 
  2. Secondly, photography needs to be of a good quality.
  3. Last but not least, you have to be on the picture. You do not need to show your face if you do not feel comfortable about it. Please remember that the picture should be interesting for other users.

Is it possible to change profile type from "person" to "couple" and vice versa?

If you would like to change your personal profile to a profile designed for couples, you can do this without loosing all your information and pending approval! All you need to do is contact us and request changing the type of your profile from person type to couple one. Your subscription and all your credits will be moved to your new profile type.

If you are using profile designed for couples but you would like to change it to a personal profile, you can contact us requesting change. Your subscription and all your credits will be moved to your new profile type.