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We all strated as women ...

A primary template for the body, as well as for the brain, is a female one. Yes, dear gentlemen, this is also one of the reasons why nature gave you nipples. Actually, a gender differentiation takes place only between sixth and eighth week after conception. In that very moment the embryo, which is meant to be a boy (XY), receives a first massive dose of androgens (male hormones) that shape his genitals. Second dose of hormones is responsible for the development of the brain’s gender. Brain’s software, which initial structures are female, has to alternate to become, what we call, a male brain. However, sometimes the embryo does not receive a necessary hormones on time or the does is too small. What happens then?

In the first case, the child will be born with a physical appearance of a boy (XY), but... Imagine, beautifully shaped male genitals and completely female brain. Those people are cross gender. Many times you can hear them saying that they were born in the "wrong" body or that they feel a woman trapped in a man's body. Some of them decide to go for a complicated, risky and expensive sex-change surgery (total or partial). Statistics show that one in three cross gender commits a suicide, or suicide attempt.

In the second case, if the dose of male hormones is too low, brain structures will have software elements from both, man and woman. Male-female ratio depends on the amount of androgens. In practice, boy will probably be gay. Therefore, we can conclude that research shows evidently that homosexuality is congenital, just like eyes or hair color. It is not a choice. But that’ snot all. Studies indicate another important element. Since homosexuality is related to the existence (or lack of existence) and amount of male hormones in a male embryo (XY), the majority of homosexual people are men. An estimated ratio of homosexual men to homosexual women oscillate around 9:1.

Why the awareness of homosexuality as an innate feature is so important? Sociologists proved that people tend to accept easier and are more tolerant towards those, whose “otherness” come from innate elements (i.e. people with physical disabilities) than towards those, who show their “otherness” as a choice.

Due to some recent studies almost 30% of teenagers, who committed suicide in the last years, were gay. Probably they were growing in the atmosphere of rejection and hate. Homosexuality is not a disease, it is not abnormal. It is purely biological and it was always there. Therefore, if we want to build a more tolerant society, we need to share the scientific knowledge , which is right at our fingertips.