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Contrary to a popular belief, porn actresses are equally, or even more healthy than other women. This fact was confirmed by American scientists. You can read more on this topic in the "Journal of Sex Research."

Porn actress not only have higher self-esteem and like their bodies more than other women, but they also have tendancy to think in a more positive way and have more satisfaction from sex. According to the researchers, 70% of them declare full satisfaction from sex, while only 30% of other women described their sex lives as fully satisfactory. Interestingly, actress from adults films are also more spiritual.

Now, to this list we can also add good health. "Porn Actress sleep better and have more energy" - said the researchers.
The researchers, who published their work in the "Jornal of Sex Research," once and for all have refuted the myth that porn actresses come from poor families and pathological environment. In fact, in the whole adult industry you can find biographies containing dramatic episodes like drugs or sexual harassment, but the scale of such cases does not differ from similar situations in the group od other women.