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Santa or Elf? 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014 Categories: Clubs Holidays

And who are you gonna be this year - Sexy Santa? Or maybe Santa's little helper  - the cute Elf? No matter what you decide remember that gifts are always welcome ;) 


Back to school again 

Monday, 1 September 2014 Categories: Clubs Holidays

The summer holidays are over again. Children have to go back to school, but we adults we are preparing ourselves for the awesome parties in the "Back to school" style - Don't forget to visit your favourite swingers club and check what will they surprise you with this year... 



Saturday, 31 August 2013 Categories: Clubs Holidays

This weekend (as well as next one) will be celebrated in many swingers clubs with "Back to school" dress up parties. Don't miss your chance to be a naughty schoolgirl or sexy teacher!  Schoolgirl


Friday, 21 September 2012 Categories: Clubs

Every adventure begins with a journey. To find swingers club EROXX (or actually - Erotic Disco EROXX) you have to find Balen on your GPS, drive almost till the end of the village, turn right, turn left and go straight until you see on your right a small size disco-club-looking like building and a fenced terrain with live dears on your left. It's Saturday evening and we are there, curious and full of expectations we enter. We have a positive first impression. And then BAM! Lady at the reception doesn't speak English. The entrance costs us 100 Euros for a couple (70 + 2x15). We were informed that drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) are for free, but for the food we have to pay extra (15 Euro per person) and that lockers are downstairs. As we found out later that evening, the food was tasty and nicely served, however portions were rather small. You can always check up the menu on the EROXX web site ( upfront. Some clubs (i.e. Acantus) are offering a little tour around the cub for those, who are visiting the place for the first time. In EROXX we didn't get this kind of proposition, however, it occurs that club is easy to find your way through. On the right the reception, on the left first room, downstairs like in most clubs-lockers. In front of the entrance you will find a main room with centrally situated dancing place with high tables standing here and there, violet light and fancy chandelier hanging form the ceiling. We have to admit, the place looks expensive and stylish. Behind: comfortable sofas and door to the garden. Bar is on your the left. On the right site you can find entrance to the rooms. What we found really cool about EROXX, is a posibility of separating yourself from the viewers with a curtain, which sends the message: we are happy with who we here and we don't need more company. Behind the bar you can get your strength back in the restaurant. Restaurant is rather cozy and separated from the dancing floor with glass door and windows. The meal was organized in this way: once during the whole evening you could order three dishes from two different menus including one starter, one main dish and one dessert.

One of the problems we had to face, was the fact that dancing part and lounge part (with comfortable sofas and TV screens) are all together in one space, in one room. In effect, it is difficult to get cozy, difficult to keep the conversation going and difficult to focus on the screen with "boom, boom, boom" echoing in your ears. "Luckily" during our visit TV screens remain black, no movies were played at all - one thing less to worried about.

Even though EROXX is a new swingers club it must get popular among swingers, since during our visit we spotted 3 couples we have met before. Guests mostly between 30 and 50 years old, taken care of, well dressed, elegant style is dominating. Interestingly, not everybody are changing from their evening clothes to lingerie as it is a habit in most clubs. We couldn't miss that customers prefer to stand with glasses of champagne in their hands than to dance. From our experience we know that people in swingers clubs are in general more joyful, more open, and less stuck up than those in regular clubs. That's why EROXX surprised us in the beginning. During the first half of hour we had this weird feeling that we actually got lost in some kind of regular club, surrounded by many insecure, stuck up people, who simply don't want to have fun and all they want is to put their mask on, show of and go home. Luckily, later that evening everybody lucent up a bit and we started to feel more comfortable.

Since there is no swimming pool, no sauna, no jacuzzi, the restaurant works differently than in most clubs, and the only sofas in the whole club are under the loudspeakers, we came to conclusion that this club is missing something. EROXX is reduced to a set of beautiful, different private rooms for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (and more people) and a modern, fancy disco. What the club is missing, is a place where you can actually meet people, talk with them and make everybody feel comfortable before you will decide to go together to one of the beds, darkroom or a swing. We believe that during warm days a garden can fulfill this role. However, even though we visited EROXX in the late summer, the evening was too cold to sit half naked outside.

We guess that the owners of ERROX are still learning and planning to develop club further. We hope they will understand that introducing jacuzzi (or sauna, or pool or anything else that help to relax and makes contact with other easier) will bring an added value to the club. We also hope that the restaurant will become an open buffet for everybody to share food, good moments and love.


Saturday, 17 December 2011 Categories: Clubs

Jacuzziclub is well known for it's mega parties at the club in Gdansk. Yesterday, they opened a new location in Warsaw. We went and... people were amazingly friendly. Great food. Cozy rooms. Sexy people. There is still some work to do, but we believe that soon this will be one of the most visited swingers club in Warsaw.