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two girls looking for swingersWhen 10 years ago I was talking to people about online dating, everybody was lauching and saying I was crazy and that the internet is not safe.

Today, online dating has grown to one of the best ways to finding like minded and interesting people. Only a week ago I came back from the thirth marriage of people who met on the internet. Of course there are a lot of sites and it is hard to find the good ones, but if you spend a bit of time it is easy to separate the quickies from the professional services like Libertinus.

Most of the dating services specialize on singles looking for a life partner, we however cater to people who are more open minded and practise alternative relationships. Couples that are looking for a girl or boy to join them in a threesome. Girls looking for a sexual adventure with a guy who knows discresion, passion and has a way to make her feel like the most desirable creature in the world. People who are gay, bi-sexual or just don't know and want to find like minded people. Believers of polyamory and circles. Classy couples into swinging that are looking for other couples, be it for a one night lay, going out or travelling.

And you, if you are willing to expand your horizons

For us, the world would be wonderful and free. However since we do not like commercials, our online services are credit based. Getting credits is easy and participating in the community makes you earn credits for free. For people who know what they want, we offer yearly subscriptions for a contribution less then what you would pay for going one evening to a club.

Anyway, feel free to send us any questions you might have or register here and try our community for free right now.

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In the beginning when my husband told me he would like us to become swingers I was frightened! However, I love my husband and I wanted to understand his needs. I read a lot, I meet with few swingers couples (married or not), I visited one of the clubs I read about on Libertinus and… I had to admit I was fascinated! Libertinus with all the information and recommended books gave me a basic knowledge, which made me feel more comfortable about my husband wish, and therefore enabled me to discover the world I was not even dreaming of!