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How to report abuse?

sign in button

If you want to report abuse you need to have an account. If you do not have an account yet, you need to create one. To create an account go to and click sign in button in the right upper corner.


create account

Fill in required form, tick “I accept the terms and conditions” and submit your account by clicking “sign up” button. Follow the instructions.



search mode

When you (already) have an account sign in. Hover over “members” menu in the community part and click “search mode” from a drop down.



username search

In the table on the left side of your screen choose “username search”.



type username

Then type name of the profile you want to report in the ”Username” field and click search button. When search result is displayed, click the profile you are interested in.



report abuse


On the left side of your screen you will see a window called ACTIONS. On the bottom of the list you will find an option "report abuse". Clik the link, fill in reason why do you want to report this profile, add reference and click button "report abuse".




What is “reason” and why do we ask you to give both reason and reference?

One of the reasons to report abuse can be using pictures of famous people. Let say somebody used picture of Paris Hilton on one’s profile. In this case reason for reporting abuse would be: “Picture used by the owner of this profile is a photography of celebrity.” However, reason and reference in the same sentence would look like this: “Picture used by the owner of this profile is a photography of celebrity, Paris Hilton.” Thanks to this, even if we do not know the celebrity, we can easily check person by typing her/his name in any internet browser. In case of pictures that were stolen from other profiles, the reference can be also an URL address to the site from where pictures were taken. If you want to report that other profile is using your pictures, in the reference you should grant us access to the private album on your profile, where you add stolen and not stolen photo(s), so that we can check if you are the owner.