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We've all been there. Sunday evening looking at the television screen hoping to see the correct balls fall down the tube. You need only 6 or 7 numbers and you will have all the money you ever need. You know that you have more chance of being struck by lightning. In a lethal and deadly way. You played anyway. Unfortunately, you get only two numbers right and lose all your precious pennies. But is it unfortunate?

Think about it. All of us - living beings, we are big winners in the DNA game of survival and replication. We were all lucky to be born of an almost random combination of chromosomes. Ok, some had more luck with their combination than others. And others were just born in a better place. But except for this, we are all lucky winners of the big lottery of life. Any other combination and you would NOT be here.

So why don't you start playing the game of life... Anyway




Every day we are bombarded by contra dictionary images and information. Women should be sexy but not too sexy, smart but not too smart, kitty in the kitchen and a tiger in bed. We should have carers but also be mothers and housewives. We can be anybody we want... but in the end we don't have time to fulfil even one of many roles prescribed to us and still have time to live! Even our sex life has strict guidelines. First we "are allowed" to explore and experiment... only to discover that later we are expected to change ourselves over night and forget who we were a week ago, what did we like, what did we enjoy.

"Young women today are generally encouraged to explore, to find themselves, to be sexually open, but then are expected to somehow simply shut down as individuals when they get married and "settle down". Bu they don't actually, naturally shut down. They simply have an enforced response because of social conditioning, which demands that we stop being people and start being wives."

Jenny Block, Love, sex and life in an open marriage 



stop pipaWe were just surfing the net and it turns out that Wikipedia is doing a blackout in protesting against the SOPA and PIPA international laws of the United States. We think these laws will be the next step in limiting your freedom. Read more about it, because in a few days many of the free video sites, like megavideo and iitv will go down. Makes me wonder how they going to take care of The Pirate Bay, cause I do not think that it is applicable to them.

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