Best articles about James 'Joker' Holmes on adult dating site.


The massacre had just happened and the media was already referring to how the joker recently changed his life style from law abiding citizen to someone who was asocial, into drugs and engaged in alternative sex life style.

For the millionth time, the media succeeds in relating non-monogamy with crimes that are far from the daily behavior of most people on adult dating sites. From experience we know that our members are loving, caring and all have amazing social lives.

So instead of once more blaming our minority group, let's have a look at what we think might be the real motives behind the Joker’s actions and what was the reason he created a profile on an adult dating site.

We think it is clear that James is educated and from the looks on how his apartment was booby trapped, more than intelligent and technical enough to setup a scheme like this. We think that you should look for motives accordingly.

  1. He obtained a university degree, but couldn't get any other job than working for a chain hamburger restaurant. Those of you who read 'No Logo' by Naomi Klein, will know that companies like that try exactly to get you into these kinds of jobs and keep you there at low wages... but that is another story (read the book!) 
  2. Anyway, knowing this he opted to go back to university striving for a PhD degree. On the way he probably realized that the way things are for most people, there is no real way out of the daily hidden slavery. It is study, work, retirement home and death - that's about it. Hopefully on the way you get to spend some quality time with friends.
  3. Seeing this, he wanted to set a statement about how most of people blindly follow the media like zombies and do not realize that they are being fooled with the 'American dream'.
  4. To set his statement he choose 'batman move'. Logic choice : plenty of media attention, plenty of sheep that blindly go and watch whatever they try to sell to them and of course the role of the joker. Joker - the anarchist of Gotham city opposing to batman... the law.
  5. Since he knew he wanted to be arrested and not shot, he had to buy time. Therefore, in his apartment he setup bombs, which were supposed to explode right before his action in the movie theater. It would divert police forces giving him more time to operate.
  6. If we assume that he wanted to call to the attention the blindness of society, it make sense he wanted only the common/anonymous people to get hurt and not a concrete person like "Smith" from work or "Jerry" from the neighborhood. So he setup the traps in a way to lure in random people to his apartment leaving very loud music playing and keeping the door unlocked. Person who would come inside an unattended apartment (driven by curiosity or whatever other force) would ignite a bomb mechanism. The same happened in the theater, he thrown a smoke bomb so he didn't see who he was shooting at. It looks like in both cases, it is not him who chooses who dies, but more random luck. (from his point of view)
  7. And knowing he would give himself in for arrest and being human being in need of sex. He subscribed himself for some adult services before committing his actions, hoping to be able to get this part handled once in jail. Committing suicide or letting police shoot you will not make your message be heard. Cooperating and making statements in the court with millions eyes of the TV viewers on you - will. 

So, being on an adult dating site was just a logical step in his planning and had nothing to do with his actions itself!

Sadly enough he didn't realize that killing all those innocent people doesn't solve anything.

And of course we could be completely wrong about all of this.