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For open-minded people

Libertinus is service for open minded people. If you are interested in alternative life styles, relationships, health and sexuality this is a right place for you! If you are tired of spending countless hours on fruitless browsing of the internet this is a right place for you! If you are bored of conventions and tired of hypocrisy and you want to experience something special, this is a place for you! If you don not want to be disappointed anymore that your internet date was a man instead of a woman, this is a right place for you!

Follow the famous

We decided to bring Libertinus to life due to lack of a similar quality product on the market. The existing offer is very limited and to be honest most of the sites we have visited are simply a scam. In addition poor standard of service and no information on dating, swinging or polyamory makes it look even worse. Our dream was to create a community of interesting and likeminded people, who will exchange their experiences and support and who will enjoy together this adventure! With us you can learn more about a Life Style shared by many people (Giacomo Casanova, Moliere, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Denise Richards, Alexandre Dumas, Oskar Schindler, Jean Paul Sartre, Angelina Jolie, Lawrence Olivier, Virginia Wolf, Salvador Dali, Voltaire, Pablo Picasso, Francois Mitterrand, George Bernard Shaw, D.H. Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, Neve Campbell, ...) and maybe by your neighbours as well.

Online dating for swingers

Therefore, we are offering you: the highest quality of service, a database of profiles, guaranteed quality of pictures, easy communication, verification of members, professional advising, complete information on clubs, events, services and shops, professional support, knowledge and experience, privacy and confidentiality and a great opportunity to meet amazing people, with whom you might spend many unforgettable moments. BECOME A MEMBER HERE

Quality above quantity

Since we care of a high quality of our service, we will do our best to protect you from spam. Spammers will be blocked and removed immediately.

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