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Probably many of you have already heard about arresting of owner of "Megaupload". It looks like things are going fast there. Yesterday videobb and videozer -alternative for Megavideo were down. Most of movie and TV series links doesn't work anymore.

It seems like many sites, which were using links of Megavideo, will go down without their suppliers. If you enter the Megavideo site, you will see a statement of FBI on piracy, decorated with some elegant pictures. Thank you Uncle SAm that there are no bigger threats for human kind that should be dealt with first. As always - another "big case" to turn public attention away from REAL issues. Makes sense - who cares about problems of average Mr. Smith, if we talk about BIG money. We hope that gentlemen from the FBI are very proud of themselves that the police from NEW ZELAND arrested the Megavideo's owner on the day, when another transport of illegal weapon, minor prostitutions, kidnapped kids and drugs came on the streets of the United States of America - "słodkiej ziemi wolności". Does this mean that era of the freedom of internet come to an end? Does omnipresent censorship and huge money which are standing behind all of this have finally won? 

And now question to everybody. What brings more money: shutting down sites with children pornography, sites with movies of animal cruelty and animal fighting, sites full of hateful, racist content OR shutting down sites, which go against the biggest and the most rich movie industries?