Best articles about What women want.


Attraction comes from eyes and face symmetry, because this will result in body symmetry. Women are actually able to smell this symmetry, but only when they are fertile. When there is attraction people will mirror body language. Both men and women look for symmetry when they are having one night stands, so basically good looks are most important for a quicky in the supermarkt. For long term relationships women tend to be more attracted to men with a higher income. If the men are poor, the women have no attraction for them. From middle class on it's more about the looks, charm and intelligence, there is not much difference with the high class. Men often display their status income by travelling first class, displaying expensive equipment and buying posh drinks. When answering personal ads be picky cause it will show you have a better hand. Men will always go for most feminin, the more estrogen the better. Women will only go for the most male 24-36 hours before ovulation and are more like to be unfaithful in this period. Men want woman with waist 3/4 of hip measurement. Women like young tall hands with long fingers.