Terms and conditions of use agreement

14th September 2011


Terms of Service are contained in the Regulations. These Regulations set forth rules for the use of the Service. Website owned Libertinus® hereinafter "Service Provider". "Service Provider", whose headquarters is located at: Tervuursevest 21/1202, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium is the owner,,,,, libertinus. es,, Rules apply to all users and users of the Service (hereinafter referred to as "User") and applies to situations where the use and / or access to the Service shall be outside the Polish borders. By registering you acknowledge that you are familiar with the provisions of the Regulations. The user accepts the Regulations by checking the box at the words "I accept the Terms and Conditions".


General Provisions

For all provisions of these Regulations and to any legal relationship between you and the Service Provider, the provisions of Belgian law, with the exception of private international law. In case of dispute only the district courts of Leuven are competent to settle the dispute. The invalidity or incompleteness of the individual provisions of these Rules does not invalidate the remaining provisions. Void or incomplete provision will be replaced or supplemented.

I. Subject to the provisions

1. The service provider offers on its website service that makes using, based on the criteria mentioned by them can meet new people, read articles, participate in surveys and polls, and view galleries. The service offers free and paid services. When using the overhead paid services that allow users to use them for a specified period of time. Registered users can use the Service Provider. Before you decide to use paid services of the Service, it is advised that the services the Service Provider and are payable on these charges. After the charges he may use those services.

2. Service Provider exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes, excluding the situation where a separate contract will be concluded for the provision of commercial services between the Service Provider and User. By registering on the Site You agree to use our services exclusively for private purposes. Service Provider is directed only to adults who are 18 years of age.

II. Access to the Service

1. Condition of access to use the database system is the registration of service providers, during which the user uses the choice a user name and password. During registration you agree that it is an adult and accept the Terms of Service contained herein. Registration on this site is tantamount to concluding an agreement between the Service Provider and the User, which shall apply the provisions of these Regulations. Registration is not tantamount to acceptance by the Service profile. A profile can be rejected by the Service, without giving any reason.

2. The service provider offers services and a free and paid services. For services paid on one-time fee to use the service or access to services for a specified period of time. Before using the services pay user is informed that the service is not free. The use of paid services is possible after the payment.

3. Before obtaining access to paid services, you will be informed of the need to pay the fee for services and payment options. After making payment You can use paid services.

4. The service provider has the right to block access to the user who uses the Service in a manner inconsistent with the law and inconsistent with nienjszym Rules.

III. Site characteristics and range of services

1. The service provider offers its users access to databases and applications, available at, as well as through partners, in which service is embedded or linked.

2. Answers to the questions contained in the questionnaire, as well as personal data are recorded in the database service provider and can be combined with any other user data to fit the profiles.

3. Users can interact with other users of the Service Provider.

4. Provider does not warrant that the duration of the contract you make contact with other users and is not responsible if the duration of the contract no contact take place.

5. Service Provider does not guarantee the accuracy of analyzes and statements contained in the questionnaire personality.

6. Service Providers offering placement of profiles in the "Featured Members" on the public website, used to log on and register to the site.

7. The Service Provider may include profiles of test and sample profiles.

IV. Privacy Policy

1. By registering you agree to use your data in accordance with these provisions in these Regulations.

2. The service provider is committed to privacy and data protection.

3. The Service Provider informs the User that because of the advanced state of information technology, the protection of personal data before processing on the Internet may not be widely guaranteed and that the security of data sent by you to the Internet is the responsibility of the user.

4. According to the law of 08/12/1992 on the processing personal data, user has a legal right to access or correct his personal data. In order to change personal data user must send a written, dated and signed request in which he states a will for a change of personal data. This request must be accompanied by a copy of a proof of identity. The application must be sent to The Provider's premises. If necessary user can also request to correct inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant data.

5. Personal data will be collected, processed and used in the provision of services under the contract.

6. Although most information available to the Service Provider does not require the sharing of personal data, it is possible that you will be asked to provide personal information. This information will be used solely by the provider for the purpose of improving the Service. You can charge and on request, require you to stop using his personal data for direct marketing purposes. To do this, ask the service provider via mail sent to the email address containing the declaration of will. User data will not be disclosed to third parties.

7. You agree to use the personal data by the Service for activities aimed at improving the quality of the Service in accordance with zapotrzbowaniem, and for consulting, advertising and marketing. The user expressly states that agree to receive email newsletera Libertinus and research materials and advertising. The desire to stop receiving the newsletter you can send email to You also agree to publication of data from his profile on partner sites Libertinus Service, pages that contain only segments of the Service Libertinus (microsites), mobile applications (such as UMTS or SMS), as well as in print (newspapers, magazines , etc.), in order to enlarge the circle of people interested in the profile.

8. In order to provide a full range of services, Service Provider may collect the following types of information:

a) Information provided by users – When a user sign up for a Site Account or other service or promotion that requires registration, Service Provider asks for personal information (such as name, email address and an account password). For certain services, such as an online store, Service Provider also requests billing and/or shipping address information which The Provider maintains so the user doesn't have to enter it again for future purchases. Service Provider DO NOT retains or stores any Credit Card numbers.

b) Cookies – When a user visits Service Provider’s sites, Service Provider sends one or more cookies – a small file containing a string of characters – to user’s computer or other device that uniquely identifies user’s browser. Service uses cookies to improve the quality of service, so that the sites can recognize a user as the same user as he goes from page to page.

c) Log information – When a user accesses Service Provider’s sites, Service Provider’s servers automatically record information that user’s browser sends whenever user visits a website. These server logs may include information such as user’s web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of user’s request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify user’s browser.

d) User communications – When a user sends email or other communications to Service Provider, Service Provider may retain those communications in order to process user’s inquiries, respond to user’s requests and improve services.

e) Links – Service Provider may presents links in a format that enables him to keep track of whether these links have been followed. Service Provider uses this information to improve the quality of content and advertising.

9. You agree to publication of the mainstream of the Service Provider such information about you as a profile name, gender, type of user you looking profile, age, location, zodiac sign, about the time of the last activity on the Service Provider, membership and information on ownership by User photos, photo albums, and the type of photos that you have in the service Provider. In case of Users, who ticked in their profile option "Allow my profile to be used as featured member", thier profiles will be shown on the login and register page and on other sites belonging to Service Provider, related to the Service. Underneath user's profile, picture information about name, type of profile and age will be dispalyed.

10. Other sites – This Privacy Policy applies to Libertinus services only. Service Provider does not exercise control over other sites or advertisements linked from within Service Provider’s various services. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on user’s computer, collect data or solicit personal information from the user. You agree that when access to the Service through its partners access to Libertinus will be recorded by means of cookies. These files do not contain any personal information and serve to maintain the partnership program. Cookies are deleted automatically when you register. In the absence of registration of the user cookies are automatically deleted after 30 days.

V. Costs

Using the services available in the Service Libertinus is free, unless you will be informed of the need to make payment prior to using paid services. If the result of a breach by the User Agreement User's access to the Service will be blocked, the remaining debt will be assumed by the Service Provider against a flat fee in order to prevent further violations of the contract. Thus, this means that the amount of any debt not repaid. Subscription may be distributed or assigned to another User.

VI. Complaints on the calculation of costs for services paid

1. Complaints against the amount deducted from your account or shown on the bill of costs should be addressed and the reasons in writing to the Contractor within 14 days after the deduction of expenses from the account or the account upon receipt of which is the subject of the complaint. If the user does not pay within 14 days of a written reasoned complaint, the cost debited from your account or recorded in the account shall be deemed approved. All costs due not paid and / or late charges to the user.

2. Irrelevant impediments to access to services does not authorize the payment of claims. Insignificant impediment for paid services is when the time in which you may not use the paid services will not exceed two consecutive days.

3. In case of authorized complaint is valid as follows: For those who have paid for temporary access to applications and databases, Access extends the time for which you made a legitimate complaint.

4. In the case of an action authorized user has the right to appoint service providers additional time 5 working days for the proper execution of the service and require in accordance with paragraph (3) write to a separate account. If additional time after the cause of the complaint is not removed, you have the right to terminate the contract. Repayment of unused credits shall be in such a case, in accordance with section VIII (5).

VII. Duties of the user

1. You will ensure that he or she is of legal age and can be pocięgnięty to criminal liability according to the country of residence of the law. You also agree to prevent or prohibit minors access to the Service and assumes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information to underage family members, friends and acquaintances. If you need confirmation by the user's age of majority, he must show a copy of your ID card, passport or driving license. Prohibited to copy pictures or text, dissemination and use. Against unauthorized use / dissemination of the data will be taken legal action.

2. User may not provide access to a third party e-mails and other messages and user data from your service provider in connection with the use of the database, without the consent of the owner.

3. You agree not to apply the abuse of the Service Provider, in particular:

a) not to use the Service Provider for the dissemination of defamatory, pornographic or in breach of the law;

b) not to use the Service Provider to dictate to management threats, or violations of the rights of other persons (including the right of publicity), or to promise or demand money or expensive services;

c) to the Service Provider niezamieszczania data:

- With malicious software;

- That contain software or other material covered by copyright or legal protection, unless you are a holder of such rights or have the required permission to use the software or material;

d) to make use of the Service Provider in a manner that will affect adversely the availability of other users;

e) for failure to forward the message to users other than private, and in particular to advertise or offer services lb goods;

4. Apart from possible civil and criminal consequences for the individual user, failure of one of the above obligations entitles the Service Provider to terminate the contract indefinitely and to immediately block access to the Service Provider in accordance with section II.

5. If signs of unauthorized or infringing the right to use the Service Provider has the right to verify the data submitted by you and block your access to the Service, in accordance with section II. If in doubt provider ultimately decides to admit the challenged use.

VIII. Deregistration and Termination

First Each user has the right at any time unsubscribe from the Service for any reason. When you sign out are removed user database, as described in section II (1) the contract expires. The service provider also has the right at any time terminate the contract described in section II (1) with a period of fourteen days.

2. If you make the de-registration of paid service, the agreement mentioned in section II (1) of this Regulation shall remain unaffected. When you unregister resigns from the use of yet unused payments for access to paid services, ie the user does not receive reimbursement of payments made.

3. The service provider has the right at any time wholly or partially discontinue the services offered.

4. Users who at the time of cessation of service by the Service did not use the full payment for those services, you will receive a partial refund of unused charges.

IX. Action

The service provider has the right, but has no obligation to check the content of all texts, as well as transmitted data or image files for compliance with the law or these Rules and, if necessary, change or delete the contents.

X. Rights

The service is owned by the Service Provider. The content of the Site, including trademarks, logos, designs, data, company and product names, images etc. are copyrighted and belong to the Service Provider or authorized third parties. Using the above mentioned elements and obtained from them the content is permitted only for the purposes and scope specified by these regulations or under a separate agreement.

XI. Responsibility

1. The service provider has no control over the accuracy and security of information exchanged between users or posted by users in profiles and, therefore, Provider is not responsible for such information. Users can, even if it is not allowed to post false information or use an application service providers to other illegal or infringing purposes. The service provider shall not be liable for unauthorized or infringing use of the Service. The service provider is not responsible for the accuracy and success of the statement of the profiles. Libertinus Service offers mediation in contacts and does not guarantee that the contacts will be successful. For this reason Libertinus not responsible if the duration of the contract no contact take place.

2. Provider expressly declares that he has no control over the content of the Site and is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the content of the Service or for any damages caused by the use of the content contained on the Site.

3. The content of the Site (including links) may at any time without notice to be amended, changed or supplemented.

4. The Service Provider shall in no case be liable to anyone for any direct or indirect damages resulting from use of the Service, in particular for damages arising from the use of links, including any loss, disruption of operations, the destruction and loss of programs or other data in the User's computer system , software, and others.

5. The Service may contain links to websites or third-party websites, and can relate to them indirectly. Linking to these pages or sites does not imply acceptance of their contents.

6. The service provider does not guarantee the proper functioning of the Site and in no way responsible for any technical problems or the temporary unavailability of the Service, or for any damages, direct or indirect, which arise from accessing or using the Service. In particular, the Service Provider is not responsible for the deterioration of access to the Service as a result of force majeure or due to events beyond the control of Provider. The service provider is not liable for minor interruptions of the Service.

7. The service provider is responsible for damages resulting from causes other than those mentioned above, only in case of gross negligence or intentional actions of its authorities, colleagues and helpers only in so far as, in relation to other reasons, the provider participated in the damage.

8. The service provider shall be liable for ordinary negligence only when the body, an associate or assistant Service violated essential contractual duty. Liability is limited solely to such damage.

9. In other cases, liability is excluded.

XII. Exemption

You hereby release the Provider from any liability and all liability, costs and claims arising from damage caused by defamation, insult, violation of personal rights by other users, service interruptions, breach by Members of personal rights or other rights. Each user indemnifies the Service Provider from any liability, all claims and costs arising from a breach of these Regulations.

XIII. Information

Users to the Service Provider Information must be sent by electronic mail to the addresses provided on the respective Service (among others. or mail to the specified address in the Regulations.

XIV. Included in the bill / lien

Due to its own claims against the Provider, you can use the credit to the account or lien only if his demands are clear, justified and accepted by the legislature.

XV. Amendments to the Regulations

The service provider has the right at any time amend these Rules. These amendments shall enter into force upon publication on the website. The service provider will inform you of the amendments to the regulations. You have the opportunity to refuse to accept the revised regulations within fourteen days. If you do not reject the changes within fourteen days after the end user the revised Terms. If you continue to use the services of service providers, it means that he accepted the changes. If you do not accept the revised regulations, the Service Provider has the right to unlimited free membership, withdraw, as described in Section II (1). The service provider has in this case the right to refuse the automatic extension of paid membership in the Service, as defined in paragraphs III (5), II (3), VIII (3). In this case, the period of paid membership ends on the expiry of the fixed to this point in time access to the Service. Refusal to extend the period of paid membership is made by the Service Provider no later than 14 days before the expiry of the time of access to the Service.

Users are asked to read the current version of the Rules of Procedure, which is available on the website of the Service Provider. This is a condition of unrestricted assimilate every new development or revision of the Regulations.

XVII. The right to withdraw from the contract, the special information about the premature termination of the right to cancel the contract and the effects of withdrawal

1. Right of withdrawal

The user can cancel the contract within 10 days without giving any reason. Withdrawal should be made in writing (eg fax, e-mail). Deadline to withdraw from the contract run from the date of the contract, for keeping the date of withdrawal or the return of written notice of withdrawal from the contract. Notification of cancellation must be sent, giving the registered Service Provider e-mail address, country of your use of the Service Provider and the user name, to:


Tervuursevest 21 bus 1202

3001 Heverlee




2. The right of withdrawal before the deadline expires, if the consent of the user service begun before the expiry date stated above to cancel the contract.

3. In the case of an effective withdrawal from the contract, what parties rendered shall be returned unchanged.

4.Termination of the contract can only be described above.