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Most women invite you to audition for them, they want their ego massaged with your attention.

In response most men will pretend to be someone they believe the woman wants them to be.

So she has to follow the script, where on date number three you make the plot episode.

He realizes it was not worth all this trouble.

She in mean time, wrote in her diary, told her friends and her reputation is at stake. Therefore she will try to hook up with the man 3 or 4 times really quickly, so he would forget about all the other women. You start to see each other and are having the talk about exclusive sexuality.

Where the guy will come up with an excuse like we see each other to much, I don't think it is working, I don't feel like committing yet, let's take it slowly or whatever... which eventually will lead to the end of the relationship. (on average after 8-12 sexual encounters)

The older the woman gets the less she will go for these. They will be labeled as sluts if to many relationships like this break to fast. (and therefor have to remove any remaining traces on their facebook, to keep the number of relationships she had down to about 4-7)

This is a negative frame for men and a terrible frame for women and it even doesn't match the romance novel.

So what will we do about this ?