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Did you know that you can get a free upgrade of your Libertinus membership?

In the age, when online dating websites are wiring the internet all over the globe, it is really difficult to find communities without scammers. Many sites have thousands of fake profiles or profiles of those, who are trying to rip you off. If you are "lucky" you are "only" drowning in spam emails or... on contary, you don't get one single reply or real message.

At Libertinus we value quality over quantity and we work hard to improve the overall experience of our users. By introducing free memberships shaped with smart use of messages, spammers have no longer a chance. Members, who respects their time and money, have to decide who and when they are going to contact.

On the other hand, if you are a genuine person, who becomes a validated user, we will upgrade your membership for FREE!

All you need to do, is complete your profile and upload a salute photo. This is how the validation process starts.

So... are YOU real?