Best articles about Massage preparation.


Make sure that the location is warm. Keep in mind that you will feel much warmer, giving the massage, than the person lying still to receive the massage. When doing lenghty massages it is best to cover the parts of the body that you are currently not working on. You can use a blanket or a towel. It might be a good idea to work with multiple towels and put them on the heating, so they are nice and warm. If you have an electrical blanket it is excellent for keeping the person warm, comfortable and fully relaxed.

Set the atmosphere by using candle lights and incense. Make sure you figure out before what kind of perfumes your partner likes. Some people like soft background music, others find it disturbing. 

Use the pads and rollers if necessary. In traditional massage rollers are mainly positioned under knees, while in case of intimate massage, they are placed under hips. If you do not have a massage table, you can use pillows to lift the chest and to support the head. It will help massaged person to realise neck muscles.

Warm up the oil before you start massage. We recommend using a mixture of natural oils and fragrances. Oils should be stored in glass bottles and jars. However, to make the applicatin easy, you can pour the part of the essential oil you are going to use during the massage, into a small plastic container. If you are planning to give an intimate massage, use only natural oils without odors, colorants or conservants!