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  • her: "So are you guys together ?"
    you: "What's us... that's my sister... she is kind of cute for a sister... and she is totally available..."
    you: "Normally we are a threesome but the other girl could not make it"
  • her: "So what do you do?"
    you: [lean into ear] "I give women pleasure" [whispering]
  • you: "Last night my wife and I were going at it, but it just wasn't happening, So I said to her : What's the matter? You can't think of anyone either?"
  • you to partner: "This is the sweetest girl ever… or the weirdest, check it out for me…"
  • you: "There is to much smoke/noise inhere, sgo"
  • you: "So let’s meet up for X on Tuesday evening."
  • you: "Can’t trust you guys… woman love sex more then men… look at the facts…"
  • partner: "You’re really cute… gonna take you everywhere with me…"
  • partner: "I like you… you’re a really cool girl… Give me a hug"