Best articles about Female ejaculation.


Female ejaculation is the release of fluid produced by the paraurethral glands, also known as the female prostate. The liquid is very similar in composition to the fluid that males ejaculate. It can look clear or milky.

During sexual stimulation the fluid is released from the glands into the urethral sponge. It will either exit out of the front of the vagina through the urethra tube, or it can go backward into the bladder. When shooting backwards it is called a retrograde ejaculation and will lead to the woman having an urgency to pee after intercourse. Most, if not all, women produce the ejaculate when the gland is stimulated, however more often then not they will experience a retrogade ejaculation.

Female ejaculation is not urine, this is a popular misconception because the fluid and urine share the same channel to exit the body. Unfortunatelly this confusion may cause women to be embarrased about this natural process and she may suppress the fluid from her paraurethral glands by using her pc-muscles, forcing the fluid back into the bladder.

When the woman does not block the liquid, it will result in releasing of tension and give powerful orgasms. She feels comfortable with herself, her partner and the process of letting go of stress.