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How to make your profile more attractive for other users

If you are not contacted as often as you would like to be, there are few things than can be done.

First of all you can consider making your profile more appealing. A lot of information, nice pictures, sharing videos and having and interesting blog, will encourage people to contact you. The more active you are in the service, the bigger is chance that you will be spoted and contacted.

When you are editing your profile, try to make it as detailed as possible. You can achieve it by writing description of yourself in the section “Tell the others what makes you unique. Describe your desires, perfect date, hobbies, interests, etc...”, filling in as much fields as possible, including not required ones, and adding some sexy, high quality pictures of yourself.

Keep in mind that people are looking for different things. However, from experience we know that profiles with non-anonymous photos get 20x more response. If you are still not comfortable enough, you can always put your photos in a private album and show them only to members selected by you.

Especially for single males we recommend putting at least one picture showing your face clearly and one that has an overall look on your body type and posture. In addition to a precise description of what you are looking for.

If you want to get more hits, meet more people and stand up from crowd, you might also consider becoming a feature member. When you are a featured member your profile is in the spotlight. Attention of both registered and unregistered users can be caught by your unique photography. Those, who have accounts in our service, can find you easily between all the other users. How? Thanks to your profile name displayed underneath the photo. Those, who do not have an account in our service yet, can decide to create one only to be able to contact you! Status of featured member, not only distinguish you from all the others, but also works as a free advertisement for your profile, your ideas, identity and whatever you want. By becoming a featured member, you are giving yourself a great opportunity to be noticed!

Another option is making your profile verified. Verification is important because it gives other user precious information that your profile is real! They know that behind a verified female profile exists a real woman, behind a verified man profile exists a real man and that profile of verified couple belongs to a couple of declared sexes. Users prefer to contact those profile, which are verified. They are tired of spending hours in front of their computers, chatting, exchanging pictures, making high hopes for their virtual “sweet girl” to discover that on the other site of the “cable”, instead of “sweet girl”, sits some pictures collector or identity thief, for whom it was, at best, a joke. If you ever had this kind of experience, you know what we are talking about. Therefore, the goal of verification system is to confirm that the profile is real and belongs to a representative(s) of a declared gender(s). Profiles which are verified are more reliable and contacted much more often than unverified ones.

And last but not least... don't be shy, contact other profiles as first one and break the ice!