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That it is more easy for a woman to get sex then a date.

National Geographic did the test and sent a cute girl and guy on the road. The each had to say the following line : "Hi, I have been noticing you around on campus. I find you very attractive." to a person they just met and then follow up by one of the three following questions : "Do you wanna go on a date with me?", "Do you wanna go to my room?", "Do you wanna have sex or goto bed with me?"

The results were amazing. Both man and woman got a yes on the first question 50% of the time. However then it became interesting. A positive response to the second question was only given by 3% of the woman compared to a yes from 60% of the man. And then finally but not least, on the 3th question none of the women responded in favor of the man and often said they would call the police. Men on the other hand agreed 73% of the time and asked if they had to wait until tonight.

So, here it is : A woman has twice as much chance to have sex compared to going on a date and man have zero for sex. Unless they are very lucky...