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Did you know that lipstick can reveal some secrets about your personality?

To check what kind of person according to your cosmetic gadget you are, try our lipstick test and get to know more about yourself.

To start up you will need to go through your purse and find your lipstick. Even though colorful lipsticks used for make up are more easy to analyze, if you do not have one, don’t panic. In this case, you can even use a transparent lip balm which you normally use to protect your lips from the sun or cold. Something like Chapstick or Nivea or any other one you can find. To have this test run correctly you need to be sure that you are the only person, who is using the cosmetic you will analyze. If you are ready, get your lipstick, remove a top cover and do what necessary to see the crown of the lipstick. Now we can begin. Look carefully at the shape of lipstick, check if it’s flat or steep, if it’s used only on the one site? Or maybe on contrary, it has a smooth round tip?

Below you will find different personality characteristics, based on the shape of lipstick. Check the images and compare them with your own cosmetic. Choose the one that looks most like your lipstick, click it and read a description to find out more about your personality.

Click your lipstick

stays close to original shapeflat top flat top concavesharp angled tipsharp angled curved tipsharp angles both sidesrounded smooth tiptip rounded to a point

Read your personality


stays close to original shape

Similar to original tip slant:

  • you don’t like to much attention, which makes you a bit reserved, however sometimes you can do unexpected things to attract attention
  • you abides by the rules and you like good organization and schedules, which all together makes you a great follower
  • you are a little self-conscious person and you enjoy your own company

flat top

Flat top:

  • you are a conservative person with high morals who goes right to the point
  • you have a quick mind so you love challenges
  • you are careful about your appearance also because you want people to like and approve you

flat top concave

Flat top concave:

  • you are a curious person and you need excitement in your life, which makes you love adventures
  • you are outgoing and people find you interesting, so making friends is no big deal for you
  • you are intelligent and you have a good eye for details

sharp angled tip

Sharp angled tip:

  • you are outgoing, energetic and independent person so schedules are definitely not for you
  • you have strong opinions on everything and you choose your friends and people you are surrounded with carefully
  • you were born to be an active leader and you love all the attention

sharp angled curved tip

Sharp angled, curved tip:

  • you are energetic, creative and enthusiastic, simply: born optimist
  • you are talkative, easy going and you love attention but you also like to help others and people appreciate it a lot
  • making friends is a piece of cake for you, at the same time your romantic nature pushes you to fall in love… often

sharp angles both sides

Sharp angles on both sides:

  • you are definitely a mysterious and spiritual person, who loves life
  • you are confident about yourself and you want others to see it, so you seek attention
  • even thought you might have a big ego you are very faithful when it comes to love

rounded smooth tip

Rounded smooth tip:

  • you are an easygoing, mild person and it makes people like to be around you
  • you like yourself but it doesn’t stop you from being generous with your friends
  • you are diplomatic and steady, which helps you being good at solving conflicts and giving advice

tip rounded to a point

Tip rounded to a point:

  • you are domestic and family oriented person and you like to have people around you
  • you are high-spirited and goal oriented, which makes giving orders very easy for you
  • sometimes you might exaggerate a bit or be stubborn