Best articles about LMR prevention and solutions.


Once you arrive to seduction there is a big chance you will run into last minute resistance.

Causes for LMR 

  • Evolutionary, panic-attack style response equivalent to Approach Anxiety in males.
  • Physical self-esteem issues related to the woman's "I don't feel sexy naked" emotion.
  • ASD-based resistance induced from peer-pressure, social conditioning from childhood, etc. If a woman feels that her self-image precludes fast sex, she may be seducible but prone to buyer's remorse.

If you don't resist, she will.

Prevention (solid game by laying the groundwork)

  • Telling how you lose interest when it takes to long.
  • 100% Perfect Girl Story
  • "You've hijacked my brain..."
  • "Baby I just can't stop thinking about you"


  • One or two drinks to make her feel comfortable (It just happened)
  • Don't remove anything that isn't necessary.
  • The wall slam
  • Whispering in her ear how sexy she is, how much you want her.
  • Hand on the cock
  • The reach-around
  • Panting... let her know you're aroused by it.
  • Dry humping
  • "I wanna lick it."
  • Wash-Rinse-Repeat (back-up one step and then try again to steps forward)
  • Goto sleep

Avoid state breaks

Avoidance (planning)

Blurring (mixing the old, comfortable activity with the new potential uncomfortable activity)

Distraction (introduces something new that is an even stronger stimulus so she focuses on that instead)


  • Riker's 3 Rules
    • Protection - "Safety is important."
    • "This has to be something we both really want. Otherwise we'll wait."
    • "This has to be something that the next day at work you're going to be sitting at work and feeling those tingles, smiling and glad we did."
  • Freeze Outs - "Ok, let's do something else." - "I understand"
  • Explain to her that lying in bed with her all night kissing will make you aroused and frustrated and you'd prefer to wait until she's more comfortable with you.
  • "You're right we should stop"
  • "This is totally too early, we have to stop."
  • "I can't believe I'm letting you take advantage of me like this. We have to take it slow. I need more time."
  • "You're right. I should totally not be taking your bra off... Whoops."
  • "Yeah, you're right, we shouldn't be doing this... but it feels so good, doesn't it?"
  • "Yeah, I know we're not having sex, but if we did, it would be soooo awesome and incredible."
  • "Yes we shouldn't be doing this... and we definitely shouldn't be doing this... you are so bad."
  • "No has to mean no... or else what's your safeword ?"
  • "Why are you acting weird ?"
  • "Look, I know you're attracted to me and I'm attracted to you. You're probably worried that we're going to have sex, but I promise you that we won't. In fact, no matter what you do, I give you my word that I won't have sex with you tonight."

And last but not least the Jeffy way !

  1. Go in bedroom, take off pants and lay down in bed
  2. "Hey... time to fuck"
  3. "Cut the shit... time to fuck..."
  4. "Irrelevant"
  5. Go back to 2 as long as needed.