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Online dating brings the swinger lifestyle to a new level

Even though in some countries (like Poland or Malta) the swingers life style is still something very new, in recent years it is becoming more and more easy for starting couples to join this open-minded community.

In the past the common practice for a new couple was to be introduced to the group by a senior couple. Luckily those times of college fraternity methods slowly but surely becoming a history. The only other way would be a stressful and intimidating trip on cold feet to a club. A place that is probably located far in the fields or in the woods, in some kind of "no man's land", where for many asking for directions is not an option.

With rising popularity of online dating sites focused on needs of swinging couples and other relationship forms, it is now possible to search like minded people from one of the most comfortable places you can think of - your own bed. Many of us just love to be comfy on the sofa or snuggling in bed, close together, browsing new profiles and deciding whether people on the other side seem to be a good match for both of you.

Not only people who are looking into swinging, but also many couples, who would love to have a women joining them into a threesome, are in the similar situation. Interestingly enough many of them decide moving into more-somes later on, realizing sex is all about love, fun, sharing and appreciating of other person and not a declaration of property or ownership.

But how do you get from "cozy in bed with two" into "sexy with three, four or even more" exept for buying a bigger bed?
Like in the 'real' world, the 'virtual' world consists of different people and many different types of profiles. There are people simply looking for an adventurous night with another couple, without having to do too much talking. Match at first sight seems to be enough for them. And then there are those, who love to get to know each other better by starting with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and then step by step, sometimes after multiple dates, growing into a more intimate setting. For most couples there has to be some form of compatibility... age, body type, dressing style, ... but again there are people out there for whom this doesn't matter at all.

Making contact is for most of us based on previous experiences and therefore can change a bit from person to person. However, we all have our rules and little rituals we follow. Basically, owners of profile shows interest by sending a little message like "Nice profile, would you like to get to know us?." Somebody took time to check you out and made contact… so even if you are not interested it is nice to respond with a small message stating you do appreciate the effort but you do not think there is a match. It is a polite thing to do. When you do think that you actually might be interested in "them", you might respond and exchange some pictures or do some video chatting. This is very common for anonymous profiles, where people put pictures of their faces in a private album and grant access only those, who they find interesting. Some people need even more discretion and choose to communicate exclusively with profiles that have been validated by other members or Libertinus.

Most of our members like to continue the conversation in real life, but be clear about what your expectations are. Do not create situation when your guests are running over to your place with "their pants on their knees", while you were hoping for thee and biscuits. Also make clear agreements with your partner in advance, since it is not a good idea to discuss things during a meeting or afterwards (unless in a positive and happy way of course).

And last but not least, keep in mind that on a lot of dating sites (not only swinger sites) there are fakers, spammers and picture collectors. It's a kink by itself but unfortunately it often hammers the head of "starting" swingers. If they are not careful enough instead of a pleasant experience they get a lousy and wrong impression of online swinging. Photo collectors are easy recognizable. They have long chat sessions without ever wanting to meet up. Often they will send you erotic pictures (probably from someone else) to encourage you to send pictures of yourself.

Enjoy the ride.