Best articles about Direct introduction.


If you feel like a confident male, you can go for a simple and basic introduction like the one below :

"Hey... my name is..." [give handshake, look at hand then in the eyes]

"Hi.. nice to meet you..." [hold hand a bit to long]

"I want to ask you an indiscreet question..."

"...but please... if this doesn't make you feel comfortable..."

" any way... just say so and I will know what to do..." [rock body away from her]

"Are you single?"

  • yes: "Oh good, so when will you ask me out?"
  • no: "Oh good, I am sure your partner is a really lucky person. It was nice meeting you..."
  • why: "I am just curious"

"you know... a lot of girls... like to find a trophy or medal... the kind they can bring home to mom and dad and say... he is a doctor or he is an architect... or they want a super good looking guy... so they can show off to their friends... and be validated... but you seem like you might be open to exploring... wonderful things... you say that is true about you?"

"Ok, let's go for a drink"