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To master the Mystery Method you will have to learn about 300 gambits, but start with 15 and build on that. Make sure you have at least 80% of tested material before adding new. This means you have to start with using just one gambit in the beginning and just see where it goes. You can put a cheat sheet on your phone and check it by using the simple line [body language to wait for a second] "that reminds me..."


Attract (30min) : Opening (3-90s, first neg <10s, ftc <30s), Attracting (3-5min), Qualifying (3-7min)
Comfort (6h) : Connection, Trust, Intimacy
Seduce (30min) : Arousal, LMR, Sex


  • Adios
  • The night's young... pleasure meeting you.

A1 - Openers (3 second rule)

  • Did you ever see the movie "Poltergeist", do you think it is based on reality or fiction?
  • I need a female opinion...
  • Do you know why you suck ? Cause I wanted to talk to you for 20min now... but you miss popular have been surrounded by all these guys, so I couldn't talk to you... and that's why you suck... who are you ? and that's special because ? hmm...
  • You know when I was a teenager, my mom used to point out tall woman to me...

A2 - 3..5 min (then stack forward)

  • Do you know why you and I would never get along... we are to similar... you won't take my shit and I won't take your shit... what fun is that... if I where in a room to long with myself I would pull my hair out... basically if I hang out with you I would be bald... (I love this one, and I mean it when I use it)
  • How many 9s between 1 and a 100 ? It's not multiple choose. It's mathematics it's called counting... actually it's 20... that's 20%... 1 in 5 is the number 9... isn't that weird... and if you believe this I can tell you anything...
  • You know I wasn't given an instruction book on how to be human...
  • I just taking this one day at a time... but I don't know why... I feel... I feel very drawn to you.. 

Lock yourself in

Tell stories

Leave threads open

A2 - Throw negs to target (and continue, don't allow response to neg)

  • Hands of this shit ain't for free... 5euro every time you touch... starting a tap here... you must be rich... can't take her anywhere... how do you roll with her
  • Where's your off button
  • Stop interrupting... Jesus Christ... You keep interrupting your friend... how do you roll with her?
  • Those are really nice nails.. are they real... no, oh they're still nice...
  • You know what? ... I'm too toxic for you... you wouldn't want to hang out with me... seriously... you know how bad it we be? ... did you go to university... let's see you went to university and you where in your last year... I would be the person to go... why bother?
  • To bad your not my type, cause you are really pretty...

A2 to A3

  • So how do you all know each other?
  • I've been alienating your creepy friend here... is it ok if I talk to her a few minutes
  • [lock in prop] grab this, I'm going to show you something really cool if your a good girl
  • come join us in a bit OR we will be over here, just come and joins us if you want... we will keep a seat waiting...
  • I will tell you within a second, before I'm going show you what I'm going to show you
  • I'm kind of curious, I got to know all your friends and they are cool first impression of you kind a sucked.. now I get to know you there is something neat about you... I'm curious [A3] what do you got going ... 

A3 - M2F - 3..7 min (cocky) 

  • [Lean back] so what makes you special?
  • What do you got going for you, more then your looks?
  • What is you nationality ? (response) way I love Germans... I can't even talk to you now... {back turn}
  • What do you wanna be when you grow up ? And don't say princess...
  • Name 3 things of the top of your head, that would make me wanna get to know you more... if you lie your friend will tell me... I was just being polite, actually I wasn't that interested...

C1 (not cocky, go to playful)

  • wow... this was special.. I wasn't even going to come out tonight.. it's the weirdest thing..
  • when I first met you... your first impression kind of sucked... I was nervous talking to you... but now that I get to know you... and find out... your actually incredible...
  • I'm actual nervous
  • I don't know why... you just became important to me... I don't know how you did it...

Merging (8 min in)

  • let me introduce you to some good friends of mine... [walk around with her to look for them]
  • I can't find them... I'll call them.. anyway I'm with you now... I doesn't matter... everything is fine

C2 - Trust

  • [lock in] be back in a second...


  • Let's go grab something to eat and come back

Time Bridge

  • Always push for the bounce first !
  • We have so much to talk about (if you have enough open threads)
  • Phone numbers always in comfort not in attraction !

C3 (Kino escalation is won in takeaway)

  • Pillow fights... take it away
  • Ankle grabs to trip them down, walk off,...