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  • being happy is the most addictive thing in the world
  • if you bluff you will get caught! so be scrupulously honest
  • there are more beautiful women then there are guys who are self-directed, do good things for others, powerful, effective, love themselves, feel strong, ...
  • everything you own; owns you!
  • mom and dad teach you slutty is bad and prostitution is ok cause a girl that comes for free might take daddy away
  • instead of sales, give customer service
  • girls dress up to go to clubs and get their ego validated
  • "just be yourself" actually means don't try to be someone else. Figure out who you are!
  • doing good things for other people makes you feel good about yourself
  • only help people if they ask for help
  • women do everything to not being perceived slutty, cause if a woman does what she wants for her own reasons she has no self respect... which makes no sense but society promotes it.





Does the truth of female biological motivation creates misogyny?

Not so! The UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS society puts on women engenders misogyny - and it does so AMONGST WOMEN themselves, too!

Do YOU actually like women Johnny?

Many - but not all, of course - just like with men, I take each person entirely upon their merits, accepting them as they present themselves to be, and I afford them the same courtesies, until they prove themselves worthy of greater trust and appreciation, or else unworthy, in which case I cut off their access to the most valuable thing in the world. (my time)

How do you feel about STDs? HSV and HPV are nothing compared to getting HIV. 

That's certainly true, but the likelihood of a man's contracting HIV through having UNPROTECTED VAGINAL SEX with an HIV POSITIVE WOMAN (per act) is:

  • Insertive anal intercourse .00065 % (in other words 6.5 infections / 10000 discrete events)
  • Insertive penile-vaginal intercourse .0005 % (5 infections per 10000 lays)
  • Insertive oral intercourse .00005% (1 infection per 20000 BJs)
    (source: US Center for Disease Control Http://

and that's IF SHE HAS HIV, and no condom is used.

If she DOESN'T have HIV, the risk of contracting HIV from having ANY sort of sex with her (REGARDLESS of condoms) is ZERO.

The bigger question is how much risk are you willing to take to have sex with women?

If your answer is 3%, use condoms and try to have sex with virgins. If your answer is 0%, remain abstinent. As with all things fun (rollercoasters, sex, fatty food, cigars) you take calculated risks, and if you come out on the losing end of it, you deal with it then.

True again - but simply thoroughly washing all around your genitals and thighs after every sexual encounter (RIGHT after, ie, as soon as you can politely get up from the bed) with hot water and soap, one can wash away virtually all stray virally-infected cells which, if left on your skin for long enough, could cause infection once absorbed into your skin.

I've been with thousands of partners, generally using condoms outside of pre-tested situations, and by diligently washing asap with hot water and soap, I have managed never to contract HPV or HSV (warts or herpes).

I suppose this is a good moment for me to knock on wood ;) but I'm too grounded in simply medical/scientific reality to bother!